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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Could Microsoft be Virtual Hosting with the Most?

Virtual hosting is a growing concept and IT leader, Microsoft is tapping into the market with all possible opportunities. Could they become the key player in the world of cloud computing? Not only is Microsoft due to launch a new Windows Azure cloud platform in 2010, to provide a scalable and highly available virtual hosting […]

Boost Staff Efficiency with Virtual Hosting

There are many ways to improve staff efficiency in your company, including resilient resources for better performance & virtual hosting can provide a seamless delivery of your IT infrastructure. Staff efficiency is everything. Why? Because time, is everything. Organisation, proficiency and intelligent distribution of resources are imperative for achieving an efficient operation. This commitment and […]

A Best Selling Publication on Virtual Hosting

The Big Switchâ„¢ is a Wall Street Journal bestseller that discusses the significance of virtual hosting in modern IT. Nicholas Carr talks about how we are in the midst of an unprecedented technological revolution in his best selling book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google.  This publication also delves into the […]

Virtual Hosting and Customer Relationship Management

No business can survive a working day without fully working and responsive IT, but in a retail business, the damage can be irreversible – virtual hosting can do wonders for CRM. When it comes to retail, the customer is always right. And it’s no urban myth that a satisfied customer will tell one person, while […]

Virtual Hosting – Saving Businesses During the Downturn

Having faced the turbulence of a national economic collapse, every single business has been forced to look at their budgets with close examination, but virtual hosting has assisted us in making the necessary cutbacks. While some companies are turning to outsourcing and off shoring, others have looked into their IT department for an answer, seeking […]

Shaping the World of IT with Virtual Hosting

As digital technology becomes an integral part of our everyday lives, it’s clear that the world is changing and adapting to a technology-rich future, and now we need to make way for virtual hosting. Over two thirds of households in Britain were reported to be connected to the internet in 2008. No doubt, these figures […]

Virtual Hosting – Set up and Go

There’s nothing quite as simple as purchasing a virtual hosting package online for quick and easy setup. We’ve all been there. The PC World laptop and wireless printer deal is too good not to bite. But who would have known that if you cut a few corners here and there, and purchase a computer without […]

Virtual Hosting – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Cloud computing can not only reduce costs by minimising energy consumption, but it is also an environmentally friendly way of delivering a business IT infrastructure. Is your business socially responsible? Do you put the bottles in the bottle bin? Do you have a reasonable policy on printing? If you are one of the many companies […]

Microsoft Takes on the World of Virtual Hosting

For decades, Microsoft has been a household name, on the tip of everyone’s tongues, but times are changing and the world of virtual hosting demands a lot more than individual computing. Individual computing has been overtaken by a world of clouds, virtual servers and software sold on demand. For years, the leaders in information technology, […]

How to add VPN to Windows Virtuozzo

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology allowing you to establish a secure network connection over an insecure public network. In Virtuozzo 3.5.1 SP1 or greater, you can make Virtual Environments operate as VPN clients connecting to VPN remote access servers. By default, the VPN support inside a VE is disabled. However, you can use […]