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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Read Up on Virtual Hosting

It’s time for us all to wise up about the latest virtual hosting trends, because one day in the near future, virtualisation could grow to become as widespread as the internet itself. It’s all about the cloud. If you don’t know what the cloud is, you could be missing out on lucrative opportunities to make your […]

The Biggest Recruitment Website Takes on Virtual Hosting

Virtualisation has been saving companies of all sizes from the demons of maintaining a physical server, and virtual hosting has saved Monster from the horrors of server sprawl. Virtual hosting service has helped Monster get the best out of their website, and this boosts site usability for its users. The data centre was becoming unmanageable, […]

Virtual Hosting for Fortune 100

“It’s never going to take off” – didn’t they say that about the internet? Virtual hosting is being used by every single company in the Fortune 100, so this is anything but a fad. This isn’t the Atkins diet. It’s not a pair of 80s shoulder pads. And it’s certainly not the denim jacket that […]

Virtual Hosting – For Design and Development

As cloud computing soaks information technology like a new-fangled wave of excitement, design and development have to get to grips with the new server pool that virtual hosting has brought to their shores… As cloud computing inculcates itself into our daily lives, the thought of virtual hosting is not so far fetched anymore. Without even […]

Virtual Hosting and Collocation

The progression of cloud computing has stemmed into different commodities to meet the different levels of demand of its users – collocation is the virtual hosting alternative that gives a business complete control. Choosing managed servers means that you or your technician needn’t lift a finger. As though you were staying in a hotel, you […]