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Providing fast and reliable VPS services at a low price

Colocation allows our customers to place their own servers and network within one of our data centres. We provide you with network, power, cooling, security, IP Addresses and you do the rest! Colocation gives you complete control over how you run your business while giving you piece of mind that SwitchLink will provide you with a resilient facility to host your equipment.

Our Manchester facility opened its doors on 1st March 2009 and with the latest technology on site you can be confident that your equipment can be left in good hands. Unlike most datacentres, we provide hot and cold aisles which in a nut shell means that cold air is blown into the centre aisle. The cold air is then sucked through your server out into the hot aisle. This is the most efficient way of cooling servers and makes sure you don't find "hot patches" as you walk around the data floor.

For more information, or to speak to a Sales Representative, please call us on 0843 330 6512