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Switchlink Virtual Servers

SwichLink now offers Back-up Options and Managed VPS

We at Switch Link would like to notify you that in our continuing effort to provide you with superior hosting services we have expanded our infrastructure to include automatic server back-up options within our data center! You will no longer need to back-up your own server to your computer; using valuable bandwidth, our new services will handle that for you with no effort on your part. Your data will be saved and ready for a restore in case anything goes wrong.


We would also like to tell you about another service we have added to our expanding list of options: Managed servers. When ordering a managed server you give yourself the option to have trained professionals resolve server issues when you are unable to solve them yourself. With managed servers you’ll be able to feel secure in knowing your server is running at its optimal ability at all times.


For a limited time, our Managed Server option will cost £15.99 while the back-up options will start at only £2.99. To purchase these upgrades, please login to your Switch Link account and go to the account management page. There, for each server you own, you will have the option to Upgrade/Downgrade options.



Windows VPS Issue

There is an issue effecting a small handful of our older Windows Virtuozzo Customers that we are addressing at the minute.

If you are effected your service will be offline at this point.

New Support System Online

Switchlink has now switched to the Kayako Support Suite to increase response times and client visibility.

If you need to log a ticket with our Support Team, or just have any questions simply email

Alternatively, you can access the Support Portal at

Please register with the Support System with the same Email Address used on the Switchlink site. Tickets from unmatched email addresses will not be processed.

named attack on Client VM’s

We have been noticing an increase in named traffic and attacks to our VPS customers.

The increase in traffic and attacks to some VM’s are effecting these customers and some neighbouring VM’s.

We have killed named on the offending VM’s, and we suggest that our customers secure named a little better.

New Support System Coming Online

We’re changing the way we handle support to improve customer visibility and customer service.

We’re deploying an externally hosted Support System that will allow users to log in and track their support issues.

Combines with Self Help, and status updates on this blog, we expect that information will flow more freely to customers and allow them to remain updated at all time.

We’re also setting up a Forum for Pre-Sales and Support questions to be answered by us and the community. The forum will not be an official line of support, so please use the ticket system for critical issues.

OpenVZ Kernel issue causing Failure due to Load

One of our more recent nodes running CentOS 6 is suffering an issue where the load spirals to 5000+ without any resources being under load.

It has been diagnosed as a Kernel Issue and we’re working to address the issue as soon as possible.

Free DNS Tools

We get loads of emails every month asking to check domains, mailservers and the like and we always send people to our sister company DNSTrouble. Suddenly dawned on us that maybe we should actually put a blog post up about DNSTrouble so that people can find the answer to all their DNS questions!

DNSTrouble was built by the Switchlink team about 4 years ago as an inhouse project to help check our own DNS needs, however we released it 3 years ago to the world to use as a completely free tool (unlike all those other DNS sites!!). We’ve recently re-released the site and all the tools have been rewritten to be faster and more accurate.

Head over to to get help on any DNS problems you might have.

Kloxo Hosting Panel CentOS Template available

We have now released a ready made CentOS 5.5 32Bit OpenVZ Template that has an installation of Kloxo 6.1.3 ready to go, and available in the Control Panel for deployment.

So now, using your VPS for web hosting is now even simpler.

The initial installation and first login has been completed and the footprint of the server is just 150MB.

Once you’re up and running we, do recommend installing CSF to tie down the firewalls.

You can take a look at the Kloxo Control Panel Here

Emergency Network Maintenance

Dear Customer,

As a result of monitoring the changes we made on 15th February’s emergency maintenance window, we need to make some alterations to the configuration to further harden the network.

In order to do this, our network will be at risk from 22:00 to 01:00 to update several core routers.

It is not anticipated that this work will be service-affecting, however, as we are performing work on core routing infrastructure you should consider the service ‘at risk’ during the window above.

If any unexpected issues are observed, the changes will be immediately rolled-back.

NetBSD VPS now available

Net BSD 5.1 32 and 64Bit ISO’s have now been added to the Xen HVM VPS range.