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Monthly Archives: June 2009

What software comes with my VPS?

Unless you purchased a service with an application such as FOREX Traders or PLESK, the server usually comes with a standard install which generally has the minimum installed to prevent a “bloated” installation. Windows Installations, do come with IIS pre-installed and ready to go and can be removed if required. If you have any specific […]

How do I change my Hostname?

Usually, this can be done via the OS, but with Virtuozzo, usually this is reset at the next reboot. In order to change your Hostname, please submit the IP of your VPS and the required Hostname, and this will be set for you within the infrastructure.

How do I connect to my server to administer it?

With a Linux Server, you access the server via SSH. In order to do this you will need an SSH Client, of which we recommend PUTTY, your IP address and your user credentials. Once connected, you will administer your Linux system from the Command Line Interface. With Windows, you use Remote Desktop Connection that comes […]

I’ve just done a Windows Update and my VPS has stopped working

Virtuozzo takes all of the required security patches from the hardware node. Virtuozzo will not work with certain security patches that Microsoft releases so it is imperative that you do not try to do a Windows Update on your VPS as you will most likely get an error like below: Error invoking external utility: ERROR:Virtuozzo […]