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Switchlink Virtual Servers

New Support System Coming Online

We’re changing the way we handle support to improve customer visibility and customer service.

We’re deploying an externally hosted Support System that will allow users to log in and track their support issues.

Combines with Self Help, and status updates on this blog, we expect that information will flow more freely to customers and allow them to remain updated at all time.

We’re also setting up a Forum for Pre-Sales and Support questions to be answered by us and the community. The forum will not be an official line of support, so please use the ticket system for critical issues.

Kloxo Hosting Panel CentOS Template available

We have now released a ready made CentOS 5.5 32Bit OpenVZ Template that has an installation of Kloxo 6.1.3 ready to go, and available in the Control Panel for deployment.

So now, using your VPS for web hosting is now even simpler.

The initial installation and first login has been completed and the footprint of the server is just 150MB.

Once you’re up and running we, do recommend installing CSF to tie down the firewalls.

You can take a look at the Kloxo Control Panel Here

NetBSD VPS now available

Net BSD 5.1 32 and 64Bit ISO’s have now been added to the Xen HVM VPS range.

Lots of new Linux VPS templates available

Just a quick post to let you all know that we now have a load of new Linux VPS templates available to deploy on your Virtual Servers. Just head over to our VPS page to checkout more details.

FreeBSD x64 and Debian Squeeze now available on our Xen HVM VPS Platform

We are now offering Debian Squeeze Xen HVM VPS’s and also FreeBSD 64Bit Xeb HVM VPS’s.

The ISO may not be listed on signup but is available within the CP.

Please view our VPS products and pricing to order.

Switchlink officially launch it’s Hosted Sage solutions

Switchlink, for several years has been one of the UK’s fastest growing Virtual Server providers and now, coupled with its manages services team, Switchlink have publically launched their Hosted Sage services.

Unlike their Switchlink Unmanaged solutions, will specialize in provisioning and manages Private Cloud solutions for Small, Medium and Large enterprises across Europe.

Built on our own private wholly owned infrastructure, will provide the finest level of support and services on a business to business relationship.

Now offering Trixbox CE for VoIP Virtual Servers

Switchlink now offers TrixBox CE as an operating system choice on our Xen virtual servers.

trixbox Community Edition began in 2004 as the massively popular Open Source IP-PBX project named Asterisk@Home. Since then, it has grown into the world’s most popular distribution of Asterisk with over 65,000 downloads per month. trixbox is known for its flexibility to satisfy the needs of custom deployments and will continue to be FREE

Windows Virtual Hosting

Work smarter, work safer, and work better together.

With Windows virtual hosting, your business can eliminate the common problem of underutilisation, reduce your energy bills and help you do your bit for (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility.

Windows virtual hosting for businesses or individuals

Whether you need the convenience and reliability of cloud computing for your business or for personal use, Windows virtual hosting can provide you with a resilient way to deliver your IT infrastructure. With a virtualised server, you can publish and launch applications installed on the virtual Windows directly from your desktop. Getting started with our Windows virtual hosting product is very simple – you can quickly configure your order online. Once your order has been received, you will receive an operating password via email.

What is Underutilisation?

The truth is we all underutilise our IT resources. Not only does it mean large energy bills, but it also has an adverse effect on the environment. The average in-house server is used to an average of between 5 to 15%. Maximise your IT efficiency. Minimise your bills. Windows virtual hosting can reduce your consumption by giving you a much more resourceful approach to corporate and personal computing.

With an impressive consolidation ratio, Windows virtual hosting can boost hardware utilisation to help you get the most out of computing – when and where you need it.

Trust Microsoft, choose Windows

For decades, Microsoft has been a leader in the world of computer technology. Microsoft’s Global Citizenship Initiative is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world and its people. Here at SwitchLink, our Windows virtual hosting can help you, your home, or your business contribute to the environment. Get highly scalable and available network services and guaranteed 99.9% uptime with our virtualised services. For more information, get in touch with today.

Linux Virtual Server Hosting

Save time. Save money.

Highly scalable and highly available network services from Linux make room for increased volumes without impacting on your contribution margin. With 99.9% guaranteed uptime, Linux virtual hosting can significantly reduce your outgoings and provide a resilient IT infrastructure for your company.

What can Linux virtual hosting do for you?

As more and more critical applications move to the internet, it has become increasingly important to make them accessible to anyone who requires them. Linux virtual server hosting can provide you with highly available network services such as scalable web, cache, mail, ftp, media and VoIP services. By using a clustered system, daemon failures can be appropriately reconfigured so you can get high availability of the applications you require, when and where you need them. Talk to us today about how we can help your business run more efficiently.

Let your hosting grow with your business

As your business continues to flourish, you will require more and more resources. How can you fulfil your required resources without incurring further costs and complications? Linux virtual server hosting has the ability to grow as your business grows.

Having room to grow is priceless. Our self-managed Linux virtual server hosting machines start at just £5.99. Your host hardware will be looked after and you will have basic monitoring and ticketed support throughout. If you feel that you need greater levels of support, talk to us about a fully managed service.

The Linux virtual server hosting mission

Just like our objective, the Linux mission is to provide businesses and individuals with high-performance, good scalability, utter reliability, and serviceability at all times. Here at SwitchLink, we aim to deliver a service that exceeds expectations and makes IT communications in your business as efficient and resilient as possible. If you are interested in Linux virtual server hosting, get in touch with us today.

Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

Find independence. Get virtual private server hosting with SwitchLink.

Virtual private server hosting is a method of splitting a server, so that you can have your own fully-fledged operating system. This means that your server can be independently rebooted when you need it to.

Have your own private cloud with VPS

If you want all the benefits of virtualisation, such as 99.9% guaranteed uptime, efficient energy consumption, reduced bills, and maximum performance – you can do so, with virtual dedicated server hosting. A physical server boots as it normally would, and then a program boots individual servers within a virtualised environment, giving your server the independence it requires.

A virtual private server hosting service that delivers

Our virtual dedicated server hosting bridges the gap between shared web hosting services and a physical server. Each VPS partition runs its own operating system in a secure and private environment. Tackling the problems of underutilisation, you can get the most out of your IT, whether you are in the home or workplace. By minimising your energy consumption significantly, virtual dedicated server hosting can reduce your energy bills and help you make the necessary cutbacks on in-house resources.

SwitchLink, helping businesses and individuals

Whether you need computing solutions for business or personal use, we can deliver efficient and resilient solutions for Linux or Windows. Whatever your requirements, our virtual private server hosting solutions will deliver extremely reliable IT for your home or office. Our packages start from just £5.99.

  • Install anything you need
  • Get 99.9% guaranteed uptime – no maintenance, no scheduled downtime
  • High availability
  • Scalability that grows with you – no need to pay for upgrades

Talk to us about virtual dedicated server hosting today.

At SwitchLink, we are dedicated to making the virtualisation revolution as quick and easy as possible for all of our customers. Get in touch today and find a package that works for you.